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Join me in repairing the broken family-law system

Join me in repairing the broken family-law system

Posted By David Eaker || 21-Jul-2012

The family law system is broken. Half of first marriages end in divorce, the divorce rate for second marriages is even higher and it only grows exponentially from there. Given these statistics, you are more likely to have been divorce than to be single or to have a lasting first marriage.

I have been a divorce attorney for more than a decade. I have worked on hundreds of cases either as original divorces or subsequent modifications of custody. I have been divorced myself and dated divorced women. I have divorced friends and find myself surrounded by more divorces than anyone should. And for the record, I hate divorce. But primarily because I detest the reality that so many relationships are not healthy and so many are unhappy in their closest relationships.

The purpose of this site is to explore the problems with the current family law system — what parties expect, addressing generally misunderstood aspects of the system, and to start a dialog about solutions to make this a better process.

Define the problem and the solution will become apparent. I invite you to respond, comment, make this a two-way dialog. Correct me and steer me back to the correct path when you see I have strayed. I am an attorney and mediator. I am a father and friend. I say this because I try to recognize the perspective I bring when I am thinking and writing but when I fail to appreciate or overlook a perspective that needs to be considered, please point it out.

I hope you find value in this site and don’t hesitate to contact me with comments or questions.


About the Author: David M. Eaker is an attorney & mediator with the Eaker Law Firm in Rockwall, Texas just outside of Dallas. David’s practice is concentrated on the representation of individuals going through family-law matters such as divorce and custody modifications.

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