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No More Hourly Billing. Legal services for every problem at every budget customized for you.

No More Hourly Billing. Legal services for every problem at every budget customized for you.

Posted By David Eaker || 6-Jan-2014

We have listened to our clients and others and are seeking to improve the delivery of legal services to the changing marketplace….

Better understanding of “what this will cost”!

Services and legal advice custom dialed for those seeking to self-represent!

No more cost-based disincentive for communicating with your legal team!

More time to devote on the client’s needs rather than billing for the lawyers!

Better decision making with the enhanced ability for cost-benefit analysis for the clients!

Eaker Law Firm


The end of hourly billing!

Call us today to discuss how we can help you with your Rockwall, Dallas, and Collin County family law matters and divorces. No matter what your available funds or needs for legal advice, we have a model that will work for you. In fact, we can now extent our limited representation family law services to those needing cost-effective assistance throughtout the 254 counties of Texas including clients in the Austin, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso areas and everywhere in between.

We are now offering:

Legal advice via email on a very low per month billing basis (available throughout Texas)

Ideal for those who:

1. Want to know their legal rights

2. Have chosen to represent themselves, but have questions about the process.

3. Were recently divorced and want to have an attorney to answer even those “silly questions” as they arise about what certain paragraphs in their orders mean and the like.

4. just like the idea of having an attorney available to ask questions.

Self-representation assistance on a flat fee basis (available throughout Texas)

As more and more people are seeking to represent themselves or seeking to modify forms and old documents they find from friends or online, we are seeing an increased number of people who are sacrificing their legal rights by submitting flawed legal orders to the Court often losing major legal rights to children and property. You don’t necessarily need “full representation” but having an attorney prepare your legal pleadings based on the terms you work out with the opposing party ensures you get what you understand the agreement to be and ensures that you comply with all the Court’s formal requirements.

Traditional Representation starting with a Base Flat Fee (the majority of all divorces) with additional flat fees being due for additional services, as needed.

Benefits over traditional hourly billing include:

Better outcomes as it removes the cost-based disincentive for the exchange of information with your legal team.

Better understanding of the legal costs (estimating hourly billings notoriously wrong)

Better decision making with the increased ability to conduct accurate cost-benefit analysis
We each have children, have had our own family law cases, and understand personally and professionally what you are going through. Contact us today or visit our website for more information. We can help. We’ve been there.

Call or email us today to see how we can help you.

David M. Eaker

Eaker Law Firm

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