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Blog Posts in November, 2015

  • Splitting Everything in Half: The Myth of Divorce

    || 24-Nov-2015

    Every day I hear people talk about dividing everything in half. Somewhere this concept has been imposed upon the popular conscious as being what happens in divorce and that can’t be further from the truth. In the state of Texas, barring an agreement otherwise, all Community Property shall be divided by the Court in a “just and equitable” manner. The term means what it says and ...
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  • Benefits of Our Flat Fee + Billing Model

    || 17-Nov-2015

    Our unique billing model sets us apart from most other lawyers in this service industry and is far different than traditional hourly billing applied against a retainer system most lawyers use. These benefits to our clients include but are not limited to the following: Enhanced certainty of attorney’s fees. Attorney work is focused on efficiency and value to the client Clients are afforded ...
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  • Avoid the Proxy War

    || 10-Nov-2015

    “Proxy War” in the context of state actors involves two nations at war with one another but where neither is directly involved. In the context of divorce (and other family law matters ), we see a unique type of proxy war when spouses engage in seemingly irrationally heightened conflict over seemingly insignificant matters. Perhaps this would be best illustrated by a few examples. I ...
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