Child Support AttorneyParents are required to financially support their child. Whether they are married or separated, both parents shall contribute funds that go toward the well-being of their child. Child support consists of court-ordered payments for this purpose. Our divorce attorney at Eaker Law Firm, PC can help parents with their child support concerns. We serve Rockwall County, Collin County and Dallas County in child support cases.

Support payments are designed to assist you in covering your child’s expenses, such as food, medical costs, and clothing. Absent an agreement, a judge decides the amount of support a parent is obligated to pay to the other on a consistent basis. If you already have a child support order and are having trouble receiving those payments, you have the right to seek legal action to compel those payments. You can count on us to pursue your case and help make sure your child is supported.

The Texas Family Code provides guidance in setting the appropriate amount of child support primarily using the paying party’s net income and the number of children to calculate the amount you’re required to pay. There are also a number of factors the court may consider in setting child support. Although it varies somewhat among judges, child support can often be highly formulaic or subject to effective arguments to increase or decrease the amount based on virtually unlimited number of factors. Speak with our attorney today to find out what options would be appropriate in your case.

If you are interested in seeking a child support modification, do not hesitate to speak with our attorney. We understand that you love your child and would pay any amount for him or her, but we are also aware that financial situations can change your ability to pay. Get in touch with our compassionate lawyer to discuss your case. Given the very limited ability of the Court to make changes retroactively, it’s critical that you speak with an attorney right away if you think there is reason to adjust the amount of support. There are many remedies available in the event someone fails to pay their child support including jail time. If you are either not collecting the child support you are owed or are unable to pay the child support as you have been ordered, contact our attorney to discuss your options and rights.

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