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Establishing paternity is an extremely sensitive and delicate issue for many families. But every child deserves to know his or her biological parents, and families must eventually face this reality. Aside from the satisfaction of knowing one’s biological father, a child can also benefit from the father’s financial support and have access to the father’s medical history.

Paternity can be established in several ways:

Presumption: When a couple gets married and has a child, the husband is automatically granted paternity. This process is known as presumption, which can be established either voluntarily claiming paternity after marrying the child’s mother or living with the child for the first two years of his or her life.

Voluntary acknowledgement: The second way to claim paternity is by signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity form. The form must be filed with the Vital Statistics Unit. For the form to be approved, both the mother and father must sign it. If there is a presumed father who isn’t biologically tied to the child, he must sign the Denial of Paternity portion of the acknowledgement form. Failure to recognize the presumed father and obtain his signature can invalidate your paternity claim.

Court order (involuntary): If there exists a dispute in paternity, a court can order the alleged father to appear in court to settle the issue. Failure of the alleged father to appear in court may result in the judge automatically declaring him as the legal father. If both the mother and the father appear in court but continue to dispute the paternity of the child, DNA testing may be ordered.

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